Friday, February 15, 2008


I am in a foul mood.
And I have every reason to be.

1.The Dad is in town for two days only, and has ordered me to come see him before he leaves tomorrow night
2.‘Layode has called it quits with Femi


I called it that this past week was going to be the most drama-filled and boy, could it have ended up in a more fucked up way.

First off, I do not want to see the Dad and so desperate am I not to have to go to the family townhouse in Metro Virginia that I have cooked up all kinds of excuses not to have to go including coming down with a cold and having to be in school tomorrow. He wasn’t buying it.

I lost my temper. “Why do I have to put aside my schedule for you, sir? I am in school, you know, that institution you are paying so much to send me to?”
It was like hitting a brick wall. “Mr. Roberts will pick you up tomorrow at noon. See you, Omolara.” And with that, he dropped on me.
Fuck. There’s no getting out of this one.

Why am I so disinclined to see the Dad? Because the man annoys me. I have gotten over hating him a long time ago, but I find it so hard to get along with him. He feels he can buy love and affection with his bloody money but it’s so obvious that he couldn’t give a damn. The only thing he feels towards his children, official and bastard, is duty.
I rarely saw my father when I was much younger and I’ve become accustomed to his absence. I would like to keep things that way, therefore it irks me when he tries to push his fatherly weight around on me. Sure, he makes it rain on his kids but it doesn’t mean I owe him a damn thing.

Now, about ‘Layode and Femi.

It’s all still so weird. Four good years together, and over one weekend, bust.
The first I heard of it, Femi called me on Saturday night, talking about I needed to call ‘Layode right away because she was tripping. He wouldn’t tell me anything so I called her quickly.
She didn’t pick up after I called multiple times.
Then Femi called me back.
“Did you talk to her yet?” he asked loudly.
I was already befuddled. What the heck could be going with these two now?
“Femi, what’s the deal?” I asked him, “What’s going on?”
“Your girl just broke up with me.”


Yep, that was how speechless I was because I didn’t see this coming. ‘Layode hadn’t mentioned thinking about this AT ALL. I mean, there has been some residual tension after the whole issue of his ex sleeping over and Femi not telling her, plus I know she did feel that Femi’s eventual grudging apology wasn’t up to par because he still clearly felt that he hadn’t done much wrong but…I didn’t ever think it would come to this. Clearly, neither did Femi from his despairing tone.

“You need to talk to her, man,” he exclaimed, “you need to talk to her because I don’t know what this is about!”
“Hold up, hold up,” I cut in, “when was this?”
“Like over an hour ago, man,” he told me, “I thought she was tripping so I said I would call her back when she had calmed down but she wouldn’t pick up when I called back more than three times. She still hasn’t picked up any of my calls even now. That’s when I called you.”

Clearly, it was a problem so I told Femi I would call him back, and I dialed ‘Layode’s number promptly.
She picked up on the first ring, to my surprise.
“Well, woman, what the hell is going on?” I asked, “I’ve got your man raving like a lunatic on my phone!”
I had to laugh too, “Okay, are you the stark raving lunatic then?”
“As if!” she laughed.
“Okay, really, what’s the deal?”
“I broke up with Femi, big deal.”
“Um…yea!!” I exclaimed. Is she kidding? What the hell does four years sound like?

“What’s this about? I thought you two had moved past the whole Shalewa issue. Are you letting her win now?”
“Lara, this isn’t about Shalewa. You should know me better that that,” she scolded, “this is about Femi and his reaction to the whole situation that just isn’t sitting well with me right now.”
“I thought he apologized.”
“Not because he really wanted to! He was just trying to get the whole drama to blow over, that’s why he said he was sorry but that isn’t good enough for me.”
“I mean, you suspect he and Shalewa messed around that night or what?”
She sighed, “you don’t get it, do you?”

Sue me. I clearly don’t, smarty-pants. And I told her so, in those exact words.

She laughed, “My bad. It’s just that Femi and I have been together for four years now obviously, and…this is a side of him that I’ve never seen before. I don’t…understand why he’s so reluctant to accept that what he did was wrong. He had the girl sleep over, strike one. He didn’t tell me about it, strike two, and then he had the nerve to get mad at me when I got mad for those two strikes, strike three. I mean, come on.”
“I know all of that. We discussed this already, remember?” I said, “but I thought you had decided to let the whole thing go. Why call it quits now?”
“Because I can’t get over it! To me, it’s like he has absolutely no right to get mad at me. I had every right to be, and I feel like I even under-reacted, compared to how most girls would have. Has he gotten so comfortable with me that he no longer feels the need to respect me? That bothers me.”

“Like he doesn’t fear you enough, right?”
I was beginning to get it. To be quite honest, I would have called it quits that same very day. My temper has no reins.
“Exactly!” she said, “he obviously doesn’t respect the way I could react in a situation like that. I mean, fair enough, I am this laid-back, easy-going, level-headed person, blah, blah but…it’s no excuse to slap me in the face. And then, the whole apologizing for apology’s sake, that thing gutted me, man. I’ve been stewing over it for a mad minute now, and I…I am just done.”
“Wow. Just like that?”

“Come on, it is hard. I love the guy. I see us getting married and all but it’s like my mom always said. The best way to know someone you can live with is to be objective about their worst flaws and imagine those flaws getting worse – not better, but worse – over time, could you live with that then? I do not like the fact that Femi refuses to face up to the fact that he was wrong. It just makes me think, is that how he would react under a more serious situation? That’s worrying!”
“I know, your decision makes absolute sense but it sucks.”
“It sure does,” she laughed lightly.
“Wow!” I said redundantly.
“So…no going back?” I asked softly.

She sighed and then said, “I mean, never say never but I just feel like…I’ve put four years down already and I have seen flaws of his that I know I can live but this just outweighs everything else and…I feel like if I don’t make a stance now, I am never going to be able to do so.”

I am so jealous of my best friend’s will right now. If I know ‘Layode as well as I do, she’s going to be sticking to her guns and this decision that she has made, regardless of how hard it is going to be for her. I need some of that backbone, well, at least, I could used some of that in the whole Nasir situation and what Femi did cannot even step up to Nasir’s outright bullshit.
“I got your back, you know that,” I let her know.
“I sure do!” she laughed, “I’ll talk to you later.”

“Good for her!” was Tiny’s response when I told her about it, “the fact that it wasn’t a spontaneous decision tells me she knows exactly what she’s doing and to me, it’s the right thing.”
“Yea, I guess,” I agreed, “it just sucks. And now, I have to go see my dad tomorrow, fuck!”
She laughed, “You’ll live.”

Here’s to hoping so!

Oh yea, I haven’t spoken or heard from Paddy since he sent me that note and the cake and in my current state of mind, I really do not want to have to deal with him right now. I mean, I am probably going to let it go. I don’t have any more room in my head for grievances.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Tiny blew up when I finally got around to telling her about the conversation I had with Nasir on Tuesday.
“I don’t get it. Why do you still pick his calls?” she screeched.
Because he always blocks his number when he calls, how the hell am I supposed to tell?” I screeched back.
“The moment you can tell it’s him, you drop the phone on his ass, that’s what you should do! Iru oshi wo ni yen?!”
Men, I’m just tired. Dude is just trying to put me through some emotional wringer and I am not having it.”
Tiny sighed, “Seriously, he’s on some bullshit. Where’s his Queen Bitch’s head at?”
“I don’t give a damn. I need for him to leave me alone,” I told her.
“I am about to give him a call and tell him to stay the hell away. What the hell is wrong with him?!”

That would be so hilarious. Nasir hates Tiny’s tongue. In fact, nobody likes Tiny’s tongue when she is riled.

She blew up part II when I filled her in on the Paddy episode.
“Omolara, the hell? Did you dine and wine with the patron saint of drama in your sleep or something?” she sighed.
“I’ll tell you what, Tiny, I really do think so!”
“I mean, well damn, but the kiss was fire, you said?”
“Fire doesn’t cut it. Like,really.”

We had a juicy conversation for the next hour, and then she had to go so then, I dove under my sheets and began to type up my English paper which was due on Monday. I cut a studious picture; let me tell you, with my spectacles on the bridge of my nose and my fingers clacking away at my laptop.

Natalie, my flat-mate, broke my concentration by knocking. Grr.
“You have a package. Can I come in?”
She hopped into my room with the package which was mysteriously wrapped in silver paper.
“Who’s it from?” she trilled.

My wild-card guess was Michael. I mean, who else would send me anything when it wasn’t my birthday?

“I don’t know, Nat. Let me see the note,” I laughed.
“For Larry.” That was all the note said.
“Larry?!” I exclaimed, “are you sure this is for me, Nat?”
“Yea, the mail guy just dropped it off and had me sign for it,” she told me.
Who the HELL calls me Larry?

So I opened the package.
Chocolate cake from Haven.

“Oh gosh, that looks so good!” Nat cried.
I was still looking at the cake in disbelief. I love food from Haven. Better still, I love the chocolate marble cake from Haven.
Rich, deep, expensive…Haven’s chocolate marble cake coated with rich chocolate frosting. They only make it to order, and now I am wondering who knows me so well as to know that something like this would make not just my day, but five weeks or something!

I rummaged in the package, looking for a hint and a clue and oh, what do you know, there was another note in there.
My heart sank.
Please, don’t let it be Nasir. I don’t need this.
I was ready to dump the cake in the trash if it was from him, Haven or no!

Another boon from the patron saint of drama, as Tiny would put it. I mean, when it rains, clearly it pours too.
The second note read -

“Token of apology.
Doesn’t amount to much, I know, but here’s to hoping it’s a start.
Paddy Dina.”

Well, damn, Paddy. Just…damn.

He’s right. It doesn’t amount to much. Hell, it doesn’t even count at all. But me, Lara Maimunah Afope Bade-John, turn down chocolate cake from Haven?!

God forbid.